What's New in WinMorse 2

WinMorse 2 includes these new features

Feature Description
Standard Windows Look and Feel WinMorse 2 looks very much like a standard Windows text editor. The layout of the user interface is very logical and intuitive. If you are familiar with other Windows applications, you should be able to use WinMorse 2 with ease. It is just as easy, and sometimes easier, to perform the same tasks in WinMorse 2 that could be done in the previous version.
Farnsworth Support There are now two options for Farnsworth spacing. Now, you may select ARRL Farnsworth, where all you need to enter is the WPM, or you may select Custom Farnsworth, where you may enter both the CPM and WPM.
New and Improved Morse Spacing Options WinMorse 2 allows you to create new Spacing Configurations which are named and stored, so that you can quickly reselect them later, without having to respecify their parameters. WinMorse 2 includes support for the following spacing types: Standard Spacing, ARRL Farnsworth Spacing, Custom Farnsworth Spacing, and Custom Spacing.
Customizable Code-Map WinMorse 2 includes a Code-Map Editor that allows you to control what dots and dashes each character maps to.
Single-Pass Conversion Algorithm WinMorse 2 uses a new algorithm that allows conversion of text into morse in a single pass. The new algorithm allows a highly efficient conversion process. Previously, WinMorse would read in the text and parse over it several times before the conversion was completed. This single pass conversion even carries through the optional filtering stage (audio file outputs only). This means that filtering does not require it's own loop. This opens many doors, including Real-Time conversion.
Optional Conversion Progress Window Now you can see exactly where WinMorse is during the conversion process.
Cancel Conversion In WinMorse 1, the only way to cancel a conversion was to use Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill the process. Now, when using the Progress Window, there is a 'Cancel' button that will allow you to cancel the conversion.
Plug-In Architecture For each Output Format, there is a Plug-In. This separation makes it easier to create new Output Formats, and may eventually allow users to extend the base WinMorse functionality by writing their own WinMorse Plug-Ins.
Printing Support Now you can print the text in WinMorse.