Migration Guide

The WinMorse developers have tried to make WinMorse 2 as easy to use as the previous version. The amount of new features has required a complete redesign of the user interface. If you are overwhelmed by these changes, please take the time to look at the Getting Started help topic that shows just how easy it is to do the same thing you used to do in WinMorse 1.

Migrating From WinMorse 1

There was three main User Interface sections in WinMorse 1: Input, Audio Format, and Output. Normally, you would select the options from each of those sections, in order, before pressing the button to generate the output file. The rest of this help topic attempts to describe the WinMorse 2 way of doing things, from the perspective of each of those three sections in WinMorse 1.


In WinMorse 1, there were three methods to input text to WinMorse.
  1. The Windows Clipboard
  2. The Contents of a File
  3. Entering Text
All of these methods still exist in WinMorse 2, but how you use them is a bit different.

WinMorse 2 works very similar to a text editor. In fact, it may be used as a text editor, similar to Notepad. WinMorse 2 always exclusively uses the text in the main window to convert into morse, so your main goal for inputting text is to get whatever text you want to convert into the main window.

To use the text on The Windows Clipboard, click the Edit Menu, then click the Paste Menu.

To use The Contents of a File, click the File Menu, then click the Open Menu, and then select the file.

To use text by Entering Text, simply type it into the WinMorse main window.

Audio Format

WinMorse 2 has the ability to generate Output Formats other than audio files, thus it made sense to separate out any options specific to audio files (e.g. Audio Frequency) from those options that were not specific to audio files (e.g. WPM). The audio options that were in this section will appear in the Plug-In options if you select an audio Plug-In from the Convert Menu. For Spacing Options (WPM) see Spacing Configurations.


In WinMorse 1, the Output section allowed you to select the type of audio file to generate and the output path of the audio file. In WinMorse 2 the type of output file created is determined by what Plug-In you select under the Convert Menu. If the Plug-In has an output file path option, then it will be shown after you select the Plug-In.