Getting Started

This help topic will guide you through the process of converting some text into a .wav file (standard Windows audio file). WinMorse is so easy to use, after you use it once, you will have the hang of it.

Step 1  Open WinMorse

If WinMorse isn't currently open, open it by clicking Start->Programs->WinMorse 2->WinMorse.

Step 2  Enter Some Text

Type "Hello World" in the main WinMorse window.  

Typing Text in WinMorse

Step 3  Select a Spacing Configuration

Click on the Current Spacing Configuration drop down on the WinMorse Toolbar. Then, select the desired spacing configuration. This step is optional. If the current spacing configuration is already set to the one you desire, you don't need to change it.

Selecting a Spacing Configuration

Step 4  Click the "Make Morse-Wave (.wav) File" Menu

Click the Convert->Audio Files->Make Morse-Wave (.wav) File Menu. This will open the "WinMorse Morse-Wave File Plugin" window.
Clicking the Make Morse-Wave (.wav) File Menu

Step 5  Configure the "WinMorse Morse-Wave File Plugin" Window

This window allows you to configure any conversion options specific to wave files. Configure the following settings on the window.
  • Amplitude - High
  • Sample Rate - 8000
  • Frequency - 800
  • Use Filter - Checked
  • Show Progress - Checked
  • Open File After Conversion - Checked
The WinMorse Morse-Wave File Plugin Window

Step 6  Click the "Make File" Button

Click the "Make File" button. This will open the "Save As" window. Clicking the Make File Button

Step 7  Give the New .wav File a Name

Type "Hello World" for the file name. Leave the Save As Type set to "Wave Files (.wav)"

The Save As Window

Step 8  Click the "Save" Button

Click the "Save" button. Since we had the "Show Progress" setting turned on, the progress window will appear.

Clicking the Save Button

Since we typed such a small amount of text, it doesn't take WinMorse very long to make the .wav file, and you may not even notice the progress window. The progress window is more useful when converting larger amounts of text.
The Progress Window

Your .wav file has been created! Since we had the "Open File After Conversion" selected, the .wav file will automatically be played using the default .wav file player registered on your computer.

Click Here to play the .wav file that is created by following these steps.