Custom Spacing Configuration

This Spacing Configuration allows you to customize the exact Morse Code timing durations. Use this Spacing Configuration if you need a Spacing Configuration other than Standard and Farnsworth. This Spacing Confiugration allows you to copy the timing durations from any other existing Spacing Configuration.

Creating a New Custom Spacing Configuration
Click the New Spacing Configuration button on the WinMorse toolbar.
This will make the "New Spacing Configuration Type" window appear. Select the "Custom Spacing" option, then click the "OK" button. The New Spacing Configuration Type Window

This will make the "New Custom Spacing Configuration" window appear. This window will automatically copy the Morse Code timing durations from the Current Spacing Configuration. All durations are in milliseconds. Type the desired durations into their fields. To copy the Morse Code timing durations from a different existing Spacing Configuration, click the "Copy From" button. Valid values for all duration fields are 0-60000 ms.

As you type, the "Configuration Name" field will automatically change, giving this configuration a nice default name. You may overwrite the default Configuration Name with any name you chose. You may click the lock icon to toggle it to the locked state to prevent the Configuration Name from changing as you are typing a new WPM.

Press OK to accept these settings and to create the new Spacing Configuration.
The New Custom Spacing Configuration Window