Basic Concepts

Starting WinMorse
To start WinMorse, click Start->Programs->WinMorse 2->WinMorse.

Entering Text
WinMorse uses the text in the main window to convert into Morse Code. The text may be entered by typing, by opening a text file, and by pasting from the Windows clipboard.

Important WinMorse Options
You may configure the WPM (Words Per Minute) rate of the output Morse Code. See Spacing Configurations. You may configure what dots and dashes each text character maps to. See Code-Maps.

Selecting the Output Format
This is done by simply selecting the appropriate item from the Convert Menu. Doing this will display options specific to that Output Format, and allow you to create the Morse Code output.

Creating the Morse Code Output
After selecting the appropriate Output Format from the Convert Menu, you will be presented with an option to create the Morse Code output.